It is my mission to help students realize their potential, educate, and raise up future leaders in our society.

I believe that schools serve two primary purposes. They are to help the students realize their potential and to educate them so that they may contribute to society as worthy citizens in the home, the school, and the community.

Instruction should be relevant to the student’s environment and should expand upon individual interests.  Each teacher has the responsibility to motivate student development by creating a learning atmosphere, by guiding the students and parents in the selection of appropriate learning materials, and by providing constructive learning experiences.  As active participants, students should develop an appreciation and respect for themselves, for the rights of other persons in a multicultural society, and for the need for life-long learning.


Committed to Excellent Student Performance

Student achievement is the Eastern Sierra Unified School District’s top priority. Our students have a long running history of performing exceptionally well on a variety of assessments. As we gear up for the full implementation of Common Core and the SBAC assessments we are confident that our students will rise to the occasion again and do an excellent job representing us on these exams.

We evaluate our results in a multitude a ways. Testing is a primary measure of success, as well as asking parents what they think of the schools that their students attend. It has always been my desire for parents to believe that their student is getting the best possible education in our schools. Here are some of our district accomplishments under my tenure as superintendent:

Cordova school district:

  • We had the highest test scores in the State for 3 consecutive years. 
  • Our elementary school was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award for academic excellence. 

Eastern Sierra Unified School District:

  • None of our eleven schools are currently in "Need Improvement". 
  • Almost all of our schools have received California Distinguished Award status.
Student achievement should always be the most important means of evaluating the effectiveness of educators.

Fiscally Responsible

Over the past 8 school years our district has been able to raise its reserve funds from a modest 10% to a very robust 30%. Despite declining enrollments and decreasing property taxes we have made the tough decisions that were in the best interest of the whole district. Some of these tough decisions included closing some schools and laying-off personnel. However, because we were fiscally responsible during recent tough times we are now reaping the benefits and beginning to expand programs and add staff back to our district. 

Long-Term Investment

Through collaboration with teachers, students, parents, community members, and Board Members, I always work to develop a team approach to continuously improving our educational programs. In the districts that I have been the superintendent, we made a number of changes aimed at long-term improvements for everyone in the district.

  • We have upgraded our technologically in both of the districts that I have been the superintendent. 

  • Teachers and students have received laptop computers.
  • The infrastructure of our systems have been upgraded. 
  • All of our textbooks, in all subject areas, have been newly adopted using a collaborative process. 
  • Staff have received additional training in a variety of subject areas.  
Utilizing scarce resources has been one of my greatest accomplishments as a superintendent. I have successfully generated new revenue sources in both districts I have been a superintendent. This includes successfully writing numerous grants as well as recruited volunteers to work and donate sums of money needed to cover deficits.

Building Rapport

As the superintendent of a small rural school district it is critically important to build rapport with all stakeholders. This requires that I be present and engaged in the activities in our communities. I hold two Community Forum meetings in each of our communities annually. I am a member of the Lion’s Club.  I attend athletic competitions at all sites. Generally speaking I make myself available to the public pretty much on a 24/7 basis. Building relationships with people is critical to making sure that our students get the best possible education.

Most recently our district undertook the challenge of developing a strategic plan. Over the past year we have had over 70 individuals help to create this document. Implementing our strategic plan will require that we get many more people involved in our schools. It is this type of personal contact work in our district that is most enjoyable for me.